Mastering the art of planning and coaching conversations

Are you ready to transform your 'advice' conversation?

The Financial Caddie®

"We bring financial planners together, to master the art of planning & coaching conversations, so they can help their clients make informed decisions about the life they really want, with the money they have.  

 We're known for transforming financial 'advice' and leaving people feeling energised and confident in their ability to have life-changing conversations"

My Vision

A community of 150 international 'lifestyle financial planners' sharing the journey together and learning to go deep into what it takes to help their clients achieve meaningful lives. A community which I can endorse, as a safe place for the public to come for this experience.

To get there, we need the right financial planners, with the right mindset, the right skills and the commitment to do what needs to be done.

You're here because:

👍  You're frustrated with the traditional financial services industry, and what you're currently doing isn't working for you, or your clients

👍 You want to make a real difference in your clients' lives, and experience and enjoy meaningful moments with them. It's about lives, not the money.

👍 You want to build a profitable financial planning business and you're ready to commit to investing time and energy in yourself 

👍 My vision is what you're looking for and you're ready to do the work

Why join us?

✔ We are a community of committed individuals who are sharing the journey to the mastery of planning and coaching conversations together

✔ We believe that a collective sharing experience multiplies value to all of us

✔ We want a safe place to go deeper into challenging and vulnerable conversations

✔ We want to learn how to be a planner & coach to our clients and we're willing to commit time, money and energy to transforming our lives and our businesses

✔ We run online and offline events, coaching and mentorship programs all designed to help you become a better planner and coach. No financial products, no investment fund presentations and no industry sponsorships 

What happens if you ask to join?

You must be a client-facing financial planner or a para-planner to join.

👍 We'll approve your request and send a welcome mail with a short video showing you how to get the best experience from the Mighty Networks platform.

👍 We'll invite you to a tour of the community website so you can find everything.

👍 You'll have a 3 week guest pass, and complimentary access to:

 The Evolution of Financial Planning program.

The Future Financial Planner scorecard.

Our weekly 'live' community Q&A Zoom calls.

Find and chat to community members.


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