Master financial planning and coaching conversations.

Are you ready to transform your 'advice' conversation?

The Financial Caddie®

"We bring financial planners together, to master planning & coaching conversations, so clients willingly pay them for making better decisions about their lives and their money.  

 We're known for transforming 'financial advice' and leaving people feeling energised and confident in their ability to have life-changing conversations"

My Vision

I see a small community of 'lifestyle financial planners' sharing the journey together and going deep into what it takes to help their clients achieve meaningful lives. 

I can endorse the community as a safe place for the public to come for a truly valuable experience. 

To get there, we need the right financial planners, with the right mindset, the right skills and the commitment to do what needs to be done.

You're here because:

👍  You're frustrated with the traditional financial services industry. You're unfulfilled with distributing products. That isn't what financial planning is, and it's not why you're doing this.

👍 You want to make a real difference in your clients' lives, and experience and enjoy meaningful moments with them. It's about lives, theirs and yours, not the money.

👍 You want to get paid for planning and coaching and you're ready to commit to investing time and energy in yourself to do it.

Why join us?

✔ We are a bunch of independently minded, committed individuals who want to share the journey together with like-minded people.

✔ We want to create a safe place to go deeper into challenging and vulnerable conversations, without the financial services industry bullshit. 

✔ We don't fit in the traditional industry. It's draining and uncomfortable for us there.

✔ We run online and offline events, coaching and mentorship programs all designed to help you become a better planner and master coaching conversations. 

✔ There are no financial products, no investment fund presentations and no industry sponsorships. You won't find that here.

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